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KIDS CAMP 2017   -   JULY 23 - 29, 2017


JUNIOR CAMP - July 23 - 25

SENIOR CAMP - July 25 - 29  



This year, the registration process for Kid's Camp is online. Below are the steps to register your child for camp as well as completing the necessary  Medical Information Form.  Should you require a printable copy, please contact Nancy Mills at the district office.


Steps to complete to register YOUR CHILD for camp:


1 - Click on the link for the "Registration and Medical Information Form" link below


2 - Complete the form making sure to fill in all fields


3 - Click on the "SUBMIT" button near the bottom of the second page of the form


4 - You should immediately receive a "THANK YOU" page stating that your application has been successfully completed.


5 - You will also receive an email from "NC WEST WESLEYAN KIDS CAMP."  Open that email and you will see a list form of the information you just entered online.  Don't use that list form.  Instead OPEN THE attached PDF form of that information.


6 - Print out that PDF form, sign it on the bottom of the "Health Information" page and take the signed form and your payment to your Children's Pastor (or leader in charge of Kids Camp) for your church.  Everyone from your church must turn their PDF signed forms and payment into together as a group.  These are to be sent as a group to the following address:


Elizabeth Covington

5430 Forester Dr.,Apt. 2C

High Point, NC  27265


If you have any questions about registration, you can direct those to our Director of Registration, Pastor Elizabeth Covington at:


Kids Camp Registration and Medical Information Form






Below are the steps of how to become a worker or counselor for Kid's Camp. Worker Application and Reference Forms - to be completed by those Teens and Adults applying to work at camp AND by their references.  


What do I need to do to apply to work at Kids Camp?


1 - Complete Kids Camp Worker Application form online and submit it.


2 - Have two references complete the Kids Camp Worker Reference Form online for you and submit them.  One must be your Pastor and the other must


be another leader in your church.


3 - Complete the background check information found at on this page.


4 - Your application process is not complete and will not be accepted until all of these steps are finished.


Once all the steps of the process are completed, we accept applications on a first come, first served basis AS NEEDED. It is our desire to make sure there are plenty of workers to take care of the children while making sure we optimize our space for campers to be able to attend camp.  You will be informed whether or not your application is accepted and you are needed to work at camp this year.  Thank you for your willingness to serve.


If you are applying for a TEEN worker position, please understand there are very few of those to go around.  We would LOVE to be able to house you all and have you there to be a great influence on these younger campers.  But God has been blessing us with capacity crowds the past few years and our first priority is to the campers.  


If there are any questions or concerns about workers for Kids Camp those can be addressed to our Kids Camp Director, Pastor Kaylee Wilkerson at: kayleewilkerson@newcovenantnc.net.


Kids Camp Worker Application Form



Kids Camp Worker Reference Form








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